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15th April 2014

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i dont have gesso so trying the spot putty I still had

i dont have gesso so trying the spot putty I still had

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14th April 2014


lucca test tunic & progress

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9th April 2014


been a while since my last update, been sick and tired but getting back in the swing of things. experimenting for the cloth portion of the helmet with some scrap.

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30th March 2014

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progress update lucca helm: adventures with worbla. more modification marks.

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20th March 2014

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sculpt, plaster, sand… rinse and repeat.

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17th March 2014


fujisakiss asked: hi! i know the post was kinda old but i absolutely adore your sailor venus sweater! did you buy it or hand-make it? if you bought it, where did you buy it? if you made it, would you be open for commissions and how much would it cost? it's fabulous! sorry for bombarding you with questions! have a nice day~

Hi there! Unfortunately I did not make this sweater, a friends mom of mine made it for me years ago and sadly I lost touch with them. But if I find anyone capable of producing more of these for commission Ill let ya know :)

13th March 2014

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12th March 2014

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lucca helmet wip

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24th February 2014

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lucca progress helmet

lucca progress helmet

23rd February 2014


I forget if I’ve posted this earlier, if I have sorry, its relevant to something I want to post and discuss.

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