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24th April 2014

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to be honest didn’t really turn out how I wanted it but oh well.

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24th April 2014


only thing i hate about worbla is finding some damn way to smooth it.

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20th April 2014


counter balanced helmet, sewed cloth portion etc… wip.

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19th April 2014

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Hey guys! So on Facebook, I have a lot of friends that I’ve met on Tumblr and I typically get Sailor Moon/Anime related news over on those parts. So when my friend Raechel posted this article written by a young lady name Chaka, I had to read it. 

Do you guys remember this picture? 


Well apparently, Chaka’s simple and elegant cosplay of Sailor Venus was the topic of much racial tension over the past year. The comments that were circulating around all social media outlets were DISGUSTING and I remember them clearly. 

So please read this article if you enjoy cosplay or are interested in cosplay because this girl is amazing and I want people to cosplay no matter what ethnicity they are. 


Really disheartening to read this article, but I suggest everyone check it out to see what’s a part of the community / extended community of commentators.

Reading this sometimes makes me scared about cosplaying and good for her for not letting it stop her from doing what she loves. That takes guts. She did a wonderful job with her cosplay. Looks amazing.

I know I don’t look like typical characters-I am short and a bit overweight due to some medical conditions (thyroid among others), I have really dark hair and eyes, etc…. While I can wear wigs, use binders, etc…contacts are out of the question due to extreme sensitivity. I know I am not seen as the typical 'standard' of beauty. 

But I cosplay what I want/who I want. That’s the way it should be. You may not have control of somethings, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing your love for characters.  

People can be terrible at times and sadly, I been saying that too often these days. 

I think everyone gets a little scared or nervous before wearing a costume. My fear is that I get decked out and travel all the way to the con area but then it’s not con weekend and I look really weird being the only person wandering around in full costume >_<! I don’t think I would really be embarrassed or anything, but I always feel paranoid until I see other cosplayers. 

As for haters, here is the way I see it: there are jerks who will make fun of you no matter what you wear and no matter what you look like, so you might as well wear what makes you feel awesome!  :) 

(And even though the jerks tend to be the loudest, there are tons of people who give out compliments and positivity. There is a balance, even if we don’t always see and hear it)

I love articles like this. Not because of how cosplayers of different races are treated, but because this is increasingly how they’re responding. They’re not standing for this crap, they’re standing up for themselves, and continuing to do what they love in face of pure stupidity.

I think she’s stunning in that costume. I hope there comes a day when people get over making boundaries where there shouldn’t be any. Get in your costume and have fun, thats the only way to cosplay. I don’t remember people getting in this kind of huff with halloween costumes, why is cosplay so much more strict.

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19th April 2014

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lucca tunic done. finishing up last few things before calgary expo

lucca tunic done. finishing up last few things before calgary expo

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15th April 2014

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i dont have gesso so trying the spot putty I still had

i dont have gesso so trying the spot putty I still had

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14th April 2014


lucca test tunic & progress

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9th April 2014


been a while since my last update, been sick and tired but getting back in the swing of things. experimenting for the cloth portion of the helmet with some scrap.

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30th March 2014

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progress update lucca helm: adventures with worbla. more modification marks.

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20th March 2014

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sculpt, plaster, sand… rinse and repeat.

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